Replicating Our Faith

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As women, we need multigenerational relationships. Titus 2 makes it clear that we need older women teaching and discipling younger women. But sometimes that can seem so intimidating to walk out. Why should we replicate our faith? What exactly are we replicating? And how do we do it?

I shared this message at a women's luncheon centered out what it means to replicate our faith. I hope it will encourage you and give you some practical tools to build these kinds of relationships in your local church.

I. Why should we replicate our faith?

  1. Because it's commanded (Matthew 28:19-20)

  2. Because we're all replicating something.

  3. Because we have the opportunity to invite others into a vibrant walk with God.

  4. Because if we don't the wold will gladly disciple people. (Judges 2:10-11)

  5. Because we have been given places of influence.

II. What are we replicating?

  1. We are hopeless.

  2. We have a savior.

III. How do we replicate our faith?

  1. Point to Jesus, not methods. (John 1:29, 35-37)

  2. Model dependence, not self-sufficiency.

  3. Model repentance, not sin-avoidance.

  4. Model worship, not self-improvement.

Practical suggestions:

  1. Start today! Don't wait until you have it all together.

  2. Be more intentional than feels natural.

  3. Embrace the awkward moments.

  4. Don't let it be exclusive.

  5. Study a book of the Bible. (Hosea 8:12)

  6. Say "I don't know. But let's find out together."

  7. Let others into the messy.

  8. Invite younger women to speak into your life.