Our Adoption Story

We've had a desire to adopt for a long time. And in 2017, that dream was finally made a reality when we flew to India to bring home our son, Ben.

Adoption can seem like an insurmountable challenge. The uncertainty, the cost, the extensive and confusing paperwork tend to outweigh the beauty and joy and privilege of adoption. Seeing other families adopt, hearing their stories and watching them walk through it, is often what makes adoption so attractive and seem so doable. That is one of the reasons we wanted to make a video of our story. We hope that some who watch this video would ask the question for the first time, "God, would you have us adopt?" We hope those who are in the middle of it would find encouragement that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We hope that everyone will celebrate the heart of our God who has willingly adopts spiritual orphans into His family at the infinite cost of His Son. 



Adopted For Life by Russell Moore

Stuck - A documentary about international adoption, you can find it on Netflix

America World Adoption Agency - the agency we use for adoptions

One OrphanIf adoption is not an option for your family, One Orphan provides a way to advocate for orphans to get into families.