Back to the Basics

Today it's back to the basics for me.

As you know from my last post, we recently moved. Life is becoming less chaotic with each day and with each box unpacked. Though my life has always been busy, changing houses and cities has added a whole new level of chaos to my normal activity. I walk out of our bedroom each day surrounded by tasks that need to get done (half of which I never get to).

But it seems like this is always my mode of operation: living and dying by my to-do list. It is my friend and my master, I love it and hate it. I define my value and my day by how many things got scratched off.

In addition to my list of tasks, I have recently been thinking of other goals I have: reading more, writing more, playing violin more, exercising regularly, and the list goes on. Those goals feel so unattainable that just writing it all out makes me feel exhausted. It's in this that I remember what I have been reading lately in 2 Chronicles.

King Asa and King Jehoshaphat of Judah both sought the Lord. I have begun highlighting all forms of the verb "seek" in these chapters because I see it surface so often. Reading their stories reminded me of a favorite verse of mine in Matthew where Jesus said: "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well." (Matt 6:33) I have known this verse and it's implications since I have in high school. If I hear pastors mention it or quote it, sadly my response is often, "Oh yeah, I know that verse. I've already learned this lesson, so this doesn't apply to me." But I am ALWAYS in need of being reminded of the very basic and simple principles of the scriptures.

It seems I have a knack for forgetting the lessons God teaches me through His word over time. I am glad for the reminder of this well-known, but often forgotten truth: that seeking Him first should be my number one goal and when I do this, God helps me with everything else. So today, I am going to strive to shift my focus from my to-do list to Savior of my Soul. I pray that God will help me be like Mary, sitting at the feet of Jesus, and not Martha, running around trying to get things done. That's my prayer for you as well. Let's be Jesus-followers, not to-do-list-followers.

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