10 Days of Prayer and Repentance




International trips.

Big time difference + expensive phone call rates + busy tour schedule = no fun. While a trip to another country probably sounds like a good thing, it is usually very challenging on our marriage. When I used to travel with Jimmy it was fun! We got to see the sights together and be together. But since my transition to staying home more often, I flinch at the sight of an international trip on the calendar. I tend to get frustrated often about the challenge of communication and feel hurt easily by the lack of connection because I take it personally.

One time we got in a fight while Jimmy was in another country and the pressure of mounting cell phone charges made it worse. But since Jimmy won't go on stage when we are not ok, we had to work it out. Let's just say it showed up BIG TIME on our cell phone bill the next month. Ouch.

Well today I dropped Jimmy off at the airport for a short weekend trip to Alabama followed by a week and a half trip to Denmark. While this is not the longest we've been apart, it's certainly the longest international trip he's done without me. I've been anticipating this trip for a while and wondering if there was any way I could make it a better experience than usual. I was also challenged through a book this week to stop fighting my situation, but rather, with God's help, seek to thrive within it. So instead of fighting my circumstances like I usually do, I am seeking to thrive within them!


Ten days of prayer and repentance.

One way that Jimmy's trips benefit me is giving me lots of time to spend with the Lord. So I thought what better way to spend these many days apart than to intentionally dive deeper into my relationship with God.

Tomorrow will begin day 1 of 10 days of dedicated times of prayer. I am committing to spend at least 1 hour (preferably 2) in uninterrupted prayer each of these days. One specific focus of my times in prayer will be personal repentance. Lately, I have been asking God to humble me and remove any pride from my heart. Well.... be careful when you pray that, because God will answer and it is often hard to come to terms with what is really in your heart. I decided this week is a perfect time to really deal with all the not-so-lovely things God has been revealing within my heart.


I'm excited about these next days and am expecting God to show up in big ways in my life. I will be documenting every day during this time with what God is teaching me and how He is showing up. I hope you will join me and follow along. Alright Lord, I'm ready. Change, sanctify, renew, and restore me. "Speak Lord, your servant is listening."

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