Biblical Womanhood & the Gospel: an audio message

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Last November I had the privilege of speaking in Jamaica on the topic of biblical womanhood. I brought my friend Laura with me and we both felt so encouraged to hear about all the good work churches in that country are doing to further the kingdom of God. It was such a privilege to serve along side them for this weekend event!

I wanted to share a link to this message in hopes that it will be an encouragement to you. We can learn all the Bible's views of womanhood, but without the Gospel we are powerless to implement any of it.

Click the link below to listen to my talk. You'll also find an outline for this message below. 

I. Our Creation as Women

  1. We are created by God
  2. We are created in His image
  3. We are created as helpers

Biblical womanhood is womanhood with God at the center.

II. Our Sin as Women

  1. We sin by wanting to be like God by defining our womanhood on our terms.
  2. We sin by defining our womanhood to suite our own desires.
  3. Our sin is completely self-centered and self-serving.

III. Our Redemption as Women

Faith in Jesus is the only hope to restore our womanhood. Faith in Jesus means:

  1. We stop looking to ourselves and what we can do.
    • Biblical womanhood is womanhood that looks to Jesus.
  2. We start looking to Jesus and what He did.
    • Biblical womanhood is womanhood devoted to Jesus.
  3. We live for Him in every season of our lives.
    • Biblical womanhood is womanhood that lives for Jesus.