I'm available to speak at women's and/or girls' ministry events as well as write articles or Bible studies for more specific purposes.  If you are interested in something like this, please send a message through the form below with as much information as possible (dates and times, location, purpose of event, compensation, etc.). I prefer to teach through a passage of Scripture as my primary goal is always to whet appetites for God through study of the Word at home. Below are topics that I have written about or taught to a group.

  • Knowing God through His Word: Learning to read relationally
  • Cultivating True Intimacy with Jesus
  • Jesus is Enough: Surrendering our Idols
  • Healthy, Biblical Romantic Relationships -- The Purpose of dating and marriage
  • Healthy, Biblical Friendships -- Steering Clear of Codependency
  • Technology and Relationships: Wisdom for the Social Media Generation
  • Pride and Humility: My Testimony as a Recovering Pharisee
  • Understanding Biblical Authority (in the family and in the Church)
  • The High Calling and Blessing of Motherhood
  • The Place of Repentance in the Life of the Christian
  • Wrestling with God in Suffering -- Having Faith in Difficult Times
  • Starting a Healthy Dialogue Concerning Women and Sexual Temptation and Sin -- Having a Healthy view of our sexuality
  • How to be a Biblical Mentor -- Leading from a Place of Brokenness


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