5 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Jimmy’s New Record

  1. Kelly: I just want to say that I appreciate you and jimmy. Thank you for continuing to follow God and his will for your Iives. Please tell Jimmy that his music has been inspiring to me but more than that it has been the breath of fresh air that Christian music has needed for a long while! It’s got that soul w/ a hint of r&b that this white boy has been longing for for years in the Christian venue. He is my favorite artist along w/ mercy me. I will continue to pray for you guys and your music. Tell Jimmy he definitely got lucky w/ you. Keep up the good fight, and making that funky Christian music. I love it!!!!! I need you guys coming to Arkansas.

  2. I love Jimmy’s music & I have already spent a lot of time listening to the new record, and so I loved hearing what you have to say about each song! Especially about “Arrows” and the “secret pictures in the Old Testament” – I’m a college student double majoring with music and religion major, and I’m taking Judaism this semester. It’s taught by a Rabbi, and it is both interesting and somewhat heartbreaking to learn about the Old Testament from a contemporary Jewish perspective. In the midst of all of the academia, it’s almost as though I forgot that even things like Moses hitting a rock and water spilling out points to Jesus! I’m really excited now to go and read Old Testament passages with this in mind. :) Thank you so much for speaking honestly about relying on Jesus; you are absolutely right – NOTHING compares to the greatness of knowing Him.
    Ps. I love reading your blogs…my favorite is, and always has been, the “My First Love” series, as I am in college and am at an age where those posts really apply to me! Thanks for sharing Christ the way you do!

  3. Looking forward to hearing this album! Jimmy’s music has always been a blessing to me. Loved this video, Kelly! Loved seeing your passion for the music your husband makes. I hope you do more video blogs in the future, it was fun to get to see you talk! :)

  4. Loved, hearing your sweet voice expressing your thoughts~ it was a highlight expected to be reading~ just an extra treat!


  5. whatever kelly, you are totally a natural on camera :)

    loved your thoughts on the album. still trying to decide my favorite song. i love them all!

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